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Who We Are…

Outspoken started as a response to sexism. Now, it’s that and so much more. We’re a community  where creativity is encouraged, new ideas are discussed, and resources are provided so you can continue to learn and grow. Right along with us!

In this community, we strive to educate through informed content, elevate through shared stories and activist resources, and inspire anyone who proudly calls themselves a woman.

This is for women using their voices out in the world. Come, and be Outspoken with us.

To read more about the founder and inspiration for Outspoken, read the letter from the founder.

What We Stand For…

We speak boldly, we speak freely, we speak up—for ourselves and for all women. Raise your hand, proclaim what’s right and just, take a seat at the head of the table. Help us pave the way for women to rise.

At Outspoken, we recognize that the intersecting identities of contemporary womanhood can create unique challenges for different groups. We pledge to continue learning about the often complex layers of systemic oppression that modern women face. We pledge to both listen to and center untapped voices, using our platform to amplify and educate. We pledge to address and combat the white heteronormative patriarchy, following in the footsteps of the women who have been leading the fight all along.

Our Foundations…


Knowledge is power. That is why we are committed to educating individuals on issues and stories concerning women and how they can play a role in creating real change. Through our platforms, we strive to equip women with the knowledge and resources they need to make a difference, whether that’s in their own life or in the lives of others.


We celebrate women for everything that they are. For years, feminism lifted up only one type of woman. Outspoken women come from all backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, and religions. We lift up voices that have been silenced for centuries and represent them both on our team and through our content.


Our goal is to be sustainable in two ways: through ideas and merchandise. Our merchandise is ethically made, hand packaged by our tight-knit team, and shipped with 100% recyclable materials. We don’t cut corners. As for content, we hope to create a culture that lasts—a positive ripple effect that sustains through time. Being Outspoken isn’t a fad. It’s a movement.


We believe the only way to grow is to participate in the idea that we are all lifelong learners. Our writers ask the hard questions. Then those questions lead to new questions. After that, we know we really have something going. It’s our job to actively seek out new information and ideas, bring them to you, then grow together.

Staying Candid

We’ll be the first to say: we aren’t perfect. We will mess up. That’s almost certain. But when we do, we want to be called out on it so we can act on it. No one gets better at anything when they enter with the belief that they have no faults. If you have feedback on ways we can improve or things you’d like to see more of, we want to hear from you. Outspoken is a conversation—so reach out to us.

Our Social Responsibility Structure…

When wearing and sharing our values, we also have a responsibility to give back. With each purchase from our apparel collection, a portion of the  proceeds go toward organizations advocating progress, equality, and opportunity for all. We will choose a specific non profit organization to accompany the release of each new set of merchandise release.

As a startup, we hope to become profitable within a year. This being said, our first year will serve as a step to learn how our social responsibility and charitable model will be structured. Though we share our stories and resources for activism within this  generation, we also strive to elevate the next generation of women that follows. With this mission in mind, we have chosen Girls, Inc. as the organization to accompany our first collection. Girls Inc. has been with Outspoken since our inception, serving as a catalyst to combat sexism and drive intersectional feminism.  Through your donation and purchases, we will continue to support  the non-profit  that encourages young women to be “strong, smart, and bold” in every endeavor.

We want to emphasize that businesses have the ability and the motivation to create massive social change, we just need your help in doing so.

Here’s to wearing and sharing our values. Stay outspoken. . . Get your Outspoken apparel here.

join us in being outspoken.

These sweatshirts were made as a physical reminder of our values. With this purchase, you help us amplify more voices and support the organizations you’re passionate about.

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A community where where our voices and values are worn, spoken, and shared.