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A Letter from the Founder

After starting the Female Genius Initiative with my friend and colleague, Binita Madaiah, I realized that being outspoken does not necessarily have to fit a specific, stereotypical mold. At least when I picture the idea, it is always someone standing atop a soapbox, megaphone in hand. While this is the traditional image in my mind, the act can take on myriad forms. They don’t even have to be “loud.” You can stand up for what is right by even sitting down, at your computer, designing hoodies to sell at a fundraiser fighting sexism in academia. The roots of being outspoken are confidence and knowledge. Outspoken was started as a platform to share our stories and learn from others. You can choose to be this in your own way, using Outspoken as a launch pad to determine and inspire your next action steps.

You can expect articles from our content creators daily  with accessible, concise, and purposeful information. Our mission is to allow you the time to create change as opposed to sitting behind a phone for hours on end, doom scrolling, sinking under the weight of your endless feed. You want to do something—so many things—but have no idea where to start? Trust me, I’ve been there. Sometimes when we feel too overwhelmed, we doubt our abilities and think we are better off passing the baton to those we perceive more qualified or more well-known.

Don’t give up—rise up. We will give you the tools to do so. At  the end of every article and post, you will find a call to action with ways that you can use your time and actually make the change you want to see in the world. You may feel that you alone can’t make a difference, but your voice is much more powerful than you think. Tell your friends about it, tell your family, tell everyone you know to help in taking action. If we all do this, we have no limits. With our extensive knowledge on social media, we can use our platforms to do so. We can go out in our communities in leading the way towards progress. You can choose where your passions lead you and how you can speak up, we are just here to get you started with some ideas. It is up to you to decide what you want to do about it and how you choose to be outspoken.

There is no subscription fee for this shared educational collection. Our goal is that this information is accessible, enjoyable, and actionable."

Mandy NovicoffFounder and Executive Director @ Outspoken

There is no subscription fee for this shared educational collection. Our goal is that this information is accessible, enjoyable, and actionable. Along with daily articles, every week we will have information about specific, general and relevant topics followed by a Friday feature of different women who are creating change in their own way. Whether they are activists, students, entrepreneurs, scientists, professors, or doctors, we will shine a spotlight on the women who are outspoken in their own unique ways. It is up to the everyday women from every walk of life and the everyday actions we decide to take. We by no means have all the answers. We want this platform to serve as a space and a community where we can amplify voices, dissect thoughts and ideas, whether they be familiar or new, and move the needle together. We are all learning and growing. It all starts by listening to others, listening to ourselves, then speaking up. Follow us @wetheoutspoken on all channels to learn more and join the conversation.

xx Mandy @ Outspoken

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