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The last several months has been a brutal exercise in mental and emotional endurance. By the time this article is posted, there will be a newly inaugurated president, anxieties may be beginning to subside,  and you may start feeling the come down of what seemed to be a never-ending adrenaline response to the constant inflow of unprecedented news. The last year has been A LOT to process, on top of every day basic processing. Over the last nine months, many people  sought out therapy to help them cope with the new challenges of a global pandemic and social turbulence. If you haven’t reached that point in your mental health journey, find yourself considering working with a therapist, or even if you already attend regular sessions — these six therapist accounts may are a great introduction to the areas you can explore and therapy; and it doesn’t hurt to incorporate some love, light, and healing wisdom into your instafeed.


1. Nedra Glover Tawwab: @nedratawwab

Newdra Glover Tawwab is a Therapist that specializes in boundaries and healthy relationship building. Her instagram is warm and approachable, giving what is often perceived as “hard pills to swallow” in a bite-sized, easy-to-digest manner. Her profile consists of templates, resources and book recommendations as well, all of which can be found in her highlights. If part of your taking care of your mental health is limiting your time spent on social media, don’t worry, Newdra is releasing a book called, Set Boundaries, Find Peace, which is guide to help set healthy boundaries in life.


2. Sara Kuburic: @millennial.therapist

Sara Kuburic describes herself as an existential therapists specializing in identity, relationship, and moral trauma. Her work is informed through her own personal experience of living through war, navigating relationships, and observing the similarities of trauma across the world. Her instagram is filled short listicles of general pointers, notes, reminders and “hard truths; ” which may provide you with a micro-dose of advice when you get caught up in a mindless scroll.


3. Allyson Dinneen @notesfromyourtherapist

Allyson Dinnen is Marriage & Family Therapist who specializes in emotions & emotional neglect. As someone who has had her own experiences with trauma, she created Notes From Your Therapist to share vulnerability and remind that the humanity of therapist is what makes therapy so beneficial. Her content consists of a what seems be an endless series of handwritten notes, expressing feelings and affirmations. As a product of her instagram project, she wrote a book which as just released this month.


4. Jordan Pickell, @jordanpickellcounselling

Jordan Pickell is a therapist who centers her work around trauma, boundaries, self compassion, & reciprocal relationships. Her instagram page is light and bright, while emoting tranquility. A visual setting that serves a cushion between the reader and emotional topics. In her feed, you will find daily reminders and informative videos on everything from identifying abuse, self-care, and navigating friendships.


5. Dr. Mariel Buquè: @dr.marielbuque

Dr. Mariel Buquè is a holistic therapist and intergenerational trauma expert. Her instagram page is cool, calm and welcoming, where she invites audiences to explore content surrounding her work. Similar to most therapists on instagram, she shares general advice, but not only surrounding mental health. Additionally, Dr. Buquè explores other wellness topics which include self-care, gut health, mediations and south baths.


6. Dr. Donna Oriowo: @annodright

Dr. Donna Oriowo is a sex therapist who focuses on self esteem, anxiety, depression and the impact of colorism and texturism within black communities. On Tuesdays, she posts a sex tip to offer guidance in exploring sexuality and understanding sexual needs. Her practice,  AnnodRight, is a black woman-owned clinic which includes a client therapy fund where others can donate to promote accessibility and provide affordability to individuals who are seeking therapy, but may not have the resources to do so.


Remember these social accounts are NOT substitutes for therapy, they are only a means to provide general information and education. If you are struggling with your mental health and are seeking treatment, consider exploring options like, BetterHelp or TalkSpace. Treatment is more involved than scrolling through your instagram feed. It is a matter of finding the right professional who can provide treatment specific to you and your specific needs. So, let these accounts only serve as a sneak peak to this kinds of topics you may want to discuss once you make an official appointment.

Call To Action

  • Consider your mental health
  • Determine if seeking therapy is something you want to explore on your mental health journey
  • Conduct your research which may include books like, Set Boundaries, Find Peace or Notes From Your Therapist.
  • Talk to friends about their experience with therapy

–Jessica Couloute, Content Creator

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