Sealed and Sent with Love 💌

This month, we are focusing on how we can support and uplift women through the love of handwritten letters. We believe that when we support one another, putting the pressures of media and self-doubt aside, our power is invincible. We believe in the power of women, just as The Letter Project does.

The Letter Project is a nonprofit organization that works to encourage women internationally through letting writing. Individuals from around the world send in letter requests for their friend, sister, daughter, or even themselves expressing a specific reason why handwritten encouragement is needed. The Letter Project receives these requests and with the help of everyday women like you, each person nominated receives 15-20 letters, sealed and sent with love, in the mail. In a world where women are taught to compete, we praise organizations like The Letter Project that are stepping up to ensure all women feel loved.

All throughout the month of February, to celebrate love and positivity, Outspoken is partnering with The Letter Project for a letter writing challenge. On Wednesday, February 24th at 7:00pm CST we will be hosting a virtual Write Night on Zoom with The Letter Project. If you are interested in the event, please RSVP here.

During the event you will get time to write letters, connect with other women, participate in games, and build your community. Additionally, we will be keeping track of how many letters you have written leading up to the 24th, and those who have written the most letters will receive prizes. The prizes include sweatshirts from our Outspoken shop and more.


How Do I Write A Letter?

You do not have to be a professional writer to write a letter! We are not writing to solve women’s problems, but rather, to let them know they are not alone, and we are rooting for them. Here are some good tips when letter writing by age group:

Letter Template to Pre-Teens and Teenagers

Letter Template to College-Aged Women

Letter Template to Women in Their 20s

Letter Template to Women in Their 30s


Who Can I Write To?

Choose from the below requests and write as many letters as you desire. The more the merrier!

Letter Requests for Writing Challenge


Where Do I Address My Letters?

The Letter Project

PO Box 89910

Sioux Falls, SD 57109



How Do I Keep Track of The Letters I’ve Written?

Every time you write a letter, or when you’re done writing all your letters, fill out the form here so you can enter to win a prize for the most letters written. (If you are not able to attend the write night on February 24th to receive the prizes, but you are a winner, we will contact you to ensure you get your prize). If you do not fill this form out, we will not know how many letters you have written, and thus, you will not be eligible for prizes.


We hope to see you at our write night! In the meantime, happy writing! 💌

xx Outspoken

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